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voters in ohio was president obama. he had to produce a photoid to vote. help me to understand recognizable person in the entire united states of america has to show his photoid why is it too much to ask that for the rest of that. most of them gave up the licenses and passport. if chicago requires voters id. those who say we ain't got voters fraud going on around here, they must have missed the powerful and disturbing reports filed by eric shawn who exposed voters fraud in multiple states. eric reportod hudson hallum a sitting democrat who pled guilty vodka voting scheme ited his father and city council and even a police officer. the u.s. attorney appointed by barak obama and eric holder got the guilty pleas and the resignation. it is just people don't usually get caught. in virginia this we're. patrick moran was forced to resign from his father's campaign after an undercover video showing young moran aiding and abetting fraud and get ballots and using forged documentings. i joked that you ought fovote early and often. but i never meant for people to take that literally. a frau
who rushed to offer asylum to president obama and saying that he had indeed labeled the benghazi atact as the result of terrorism . he mentioned acts of terror. but he did not attribute the assault in libya to such a thing. >>> no acts of terror will shape the nation or alter character or eclipse the light of the values we stand for. but for another two and half weeks he continued to blame the murder on a cheap youtube video. none on - let's just suppose for a moment he intended and said it if that is what he believed on 12th and then why would he and his administration speak about the video and with authority and certainty. the more thing that is more difficult than predicting the future and rewriting history. it was a careful chest - orchesterated terrorist attack. the reluctance of the obama administration to recognize terrorism as terrorism is a pattern. only in obama land was fort hood a work place incident despite the shooter shouted jihad slogans. he was part of the islamic terror and targeted violence at a military post was anything but rand only. and until this day the obama a
to the president by interrupting governor romney and saying that president obama had indeed labeled the benghazi attack as a result of terrorism. now, he did mention acts of terror, but most certainly he didhe not attribute the assaultn libya to such a thing. >> no acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. >> huckabee: for another two and a half weeks, he continued to blame the murder of our ambassador on a cheap youtube video. don't believe for a minute that his rose garden comments were intended to identify the benghazi attack as the work of terrorists. let's just suppose for a moment that he did intend it, and he said it. if that's what he believed on september 12th, then why, why would he and his administration speak repeatedly about that little video and with such authority and certainty? the only thing that is more difficult than accurately predicting the future is when you try to rewrite history. and sworn testimony in congress confirmed that this was no spontaneous uprising, no. it was a ca
been canceled and even president obama isn't going to ohio tomorrow. he's going to let bill clinton, the former president campaign for him in youngstown, ohio instead. it looks like mitt romney is going to be hunkering down in ohio a state he needs to be better in. president obama is going to be stuck at the white house. and he went to florida tonight so he could be in place for a rally tomorrow. he may regret going there at all because he'll be coming back to the white house to monitor the storm, but it's going to be halting a lot of political activity going forward into wednesday. maybe even thursday, but right now the white house is looking at canceling even more events, potentially another event that the president was going to be having in wisconsin on tuesday night. so, it looks like we're coming to a stand still for a couple of days here. >> geraldo: so, you have both governor romney and president obama trying to balance the fact that the election is eight, nine days away, with the, first of all, the perception that they have to be paying attention, they have to be-- the pres
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)